• What is Pengu?
    Literally, pengu is Japanese for penguin. But figuratively, we like the way it sounds! Pengu is how you define it. We’d like to play a lot of different roles in your life and in the community. At Pengu, we think of wellness as all-inclusive.
  • What do I do if I can’t make a class?
    We’ve got a 24 hour cancellation policy at Pengu. If you need to cancel your appointment please let us know 24 hours before it starts. That way, you won’t be charged! You can cancel via e-mail, phone or with the Online Scheduler.
  • Do you have yoga and Pilates mat classes?
    We offer Pilates mat classes. We no longer offer yoga classes, but we do have excellent instructors who teach privates and semi-private yoga sessions.
  • If I’d like to see a class at Pengu, can I suggest one?
    We would love to hear your suggestions. We are definitely open to adding new classes if none of the existing classes fit your schedule. Contact us and we will figure it out!
  • How often should I work out?
    This is a tough question, and it varies person to person. Typically, clients come in about twice a week. If you’re just starting a routine, or new to Pilates, then take it easy and start with once a week. If you’re feeling vigorous and excited, bump it up. The key to knowing frequency is really your body. See how you feel and what your priorities are like. You’re the best judge!
  • What is the difference between Pilates mat and Pilates machines?
    The machine, or the reformer, supports the body more and is definitely recommended for people who are nursing injuries and recovering. The reformer was actually designed from a hospital bed, intending for patients and rehabilitation.On the mat, because it’s just you and gravity, you use larger muscle groups with each exercise.  With the machine, you have resistance, so in turn you’re also weight training. You can also get a super deep stretch.  We recommend you try both, and see what works for you!
  • What are the benefits of Pilates?
    The benefits are vast! Improved flexibility, improved posture, more ab strength, decreased pain and increased body awareness. Pilates can also help improve your sports game or rehabilitation of an injury. There’s a greater mind-body connection when performing pilates, which translates into your day to day. Ultimately, it’s fun, and fun has major benefits!
  • What should I eat before or after I exercise?
    Cake. Nothing but cake! We’re kidding. Moderation is key.  Ideally, you shouldn’t come to Pilates or yoga on a full stomach. You use a lot of abs in both, so best to wait and eat after.Before working out, figure out what your priorities are. If you’re trying to drop fat then you don’t want to come to Pengu with a belly full of Cocoa Puffs! Try a protein shake or a slice of whole-wheat toast with real peanut butter or almond butter, even some egg whites or yogurt. As long as it doesn’t hold you back from working out!

    Now that you finished your workout and have ringed your sweat out like a wet washcloth, fuel-up! Eating after a hard workout is essential, feed your tired muscles with a lean protein and complex carbohydrate snack.

  • What should I wear?
    Hot pink jumpsuits! Kidding! Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow for full range of motion. Avoid loose fitting clothes that could interfere with some movements.
  • Will I sweat at Pengu?
    It’s our goal to get you sweating! You should definitely be sweating in every class at Pengu.
  • When will I see results?
    It depends on you! If you workout at Pengu frequently, the results will be quick. If you’ve got a hold on diet, and other aspects of your life, you’ll also see results pretty quickly. If you’re looking for feeling better and being worked out, the results are immediate!